""Seriously (not that what I said was not serious), we are working under an incredible time crunch – and you’re the only person “out there” working harder than us. It is truly hard to express how much we appreciate all you do and this and every other case you work with us on. I haven’t seen all the Court Reporters in the history of the world, but none of the others I’ve seen in my 43 years at this come close."

Kent T. Stair, Esq. Partner at Copeland Stair Valz & Lovell, LLP

""I wanted to let you know we reached a tentative settlement in this case for a total of $3.2M. I also wanted to thank you, your staff and reporters for working with us to cover all the depositions which were taken in such a compressed schedule. The quality of your service and product sets you apart. The fact that you do it with such grace puts you at the top of my list." "

James Lady, Esq. Partner at Mullen Wylie, LLC